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It starts with the careful preparation of ingredients. Followed by the crisp clatter of ice tumbling and mixing inside the shaker. A thin veil of frost gathers on the silver surface. Conversation, laughter, urgent whispers – there has always been a time and place for the well-made martini.

Now the Classic Shaker Company brings you the essential element of this timeless rite-cocktail shakers designed and crafted to capture the spirit and elegance of the modern age.  Echoing the art deco influences of the early twentieth century, our shakers are the kind typically produced from the 1920's through the 1940s.

It was an age of speakeasies and jazz.  Flappers and the glamorous stars of the silver screen.  Enjoy the taste of a perfect Gin or Vodka martini from your Classic Shaker. Or perhaps another fine cocktail such as the Manhattan or Rob Roy.  Your Classic Shaker reflects not only "the spirit of the age", but also the elegance of everything you do.

True to the Age

For the very best martini, only the finest ingredients will do – Gin, Vermouth, Spring Water Ice and Olives.  Each component is critical.  At the Classic Shaker Company, that's how we create cocktail shakers – using not only the finest materials and methods. Available today, but also the same ones that created the first cocktail shakers at the turn of the century.

Like the originals that are now so collectible and valuable, Classic Shakers are hand-crafted in the New England with a premium silversmithing process known as Britannia.  Twelve microns of pure silver are plated over a select grade of lead-free Pewter for long -lasting beauty and durability.  (As a point of comparison, London Sheffield silver is four microns thick.)  All handles are solid cast from bronze molds and Classic Shakers engrave beautifully due to the thickness of the silver.

Both the inside and outside are plated and hand-polished and Classic Shakers are available in Sterling Silver as well.  And one very important note:  All Classic Shakers incorporate an exclusive, easy pouring strainer in the spout, so you can serve your cocktails directly from the shaker.

Modern Classics

If you were to go back to the early 20th century and visit the finer establishments of the day, you would see a wide variety of cocktail shakers. Many were inspired by art deco influence, and to create the six designs you see here, we also drew from this vibrant artistic tradition. In line, form, texture and materials – Classic Shakers are a timeless expression of the modern age.


At home in the finest speakeasy or jazz club of the 1920's. Beautifully proportioned with an elegantly rounded handle and top. Features intricate beaded trim around cap and spout. Britannia silver. 4 inch base, 11 inches tall, 4 inches maximum width.

CSC100P ~ Pewter: Call for Price
CSC100S ~ Sterling: Call for Price


As bold as the first skyscraper. As crisp as the tuxedo dinner jacket. This shaker combines classic art deco influence with sleeker, more pronounced architectural lines. Britannia silver. 3 inch base, 11 inches tall, 4 inch maximum width.

CSC101P ~ Pewter: Call for Price
CSC101S ~ Sterling: Call for Price


The sound of a tenor sax after midnight, with string bass and brushes keeping time.  This Pitcher design features very full, rounded dimensions. The perfect complement to the classic V~shaped martini glass. Britannia silver. 4 inch base, 11 inches tall, 4 inches maximum width.

CSC102P ~ Pewter: Call for Price
CSC102S ~ Sterling: Call for Price


Sparkling like stars of the silver screen, this Britannia silver shaker's body is uniquely textures with a traditional hand-hammered finish. It's very appropriate to the early decades of the 20th century, particularly the 1930's. 4inch base, 11 inches tall, 4 inches maximum width.

CSC103P ~ Pewter: Call for Price
CSC103S ~Sterling: Call for Price


A stunning blend of classic materials. The body of the shaker is mouth-blown glass ( available in Classic Shaker Blue, Rose,  Shard and Vaseline Green). The top is our premium Britannia silver. 4 inch base, 11 inches tall, 4 inches maximum width.

CSC104P ~ Pewter: Call for Price
CSC104S ~ Sterling: Call for Price

"The Town"

At home in the finest jazz clubs of the 1920's. Beautifully proportioned with an elegantly rounded handle and top. Features intricate beaded trim around cap and spout. Britannia silver.   3 inch base, 11 inches tall, 4 inches maximum width.

CSC105P ~ Pewter: Call for Price
CSC105S ~ Sterling: Call for Price


"Glass Slipper"  Cocktail
Shakers in Classic Colors


– 209 Martini –

Our Master Distiller's favorite version
of this San Francisco Classic

3 oz. No. 209

1 capful Noilly Prat dry vermouth
Shake over ice for 10 seconds.
Garnish with lemon peel.


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