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Engraving and Typefaces

Machine Engraving


* All Logo Artwork Is Quoted On

  1. Clean camera-ready (Black & White) artwork (No Faxes) for any LOGO/CREST/SEAL will be accepted.
  2. Layout of engraving work must accompany every order. Please provide clean, typed orders. NO TELEPHONE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR ENGRAVING.
  3. There is a one-time set-up fee for new LOGO work to create a template, which remains on permanent file for future use at Boardman Silversmiths. One-time charge of $150.00/net. This applies to any SEAL, CREST, LOGO.
  4. Application per unit for LOGO/SEAL/CREST is $5.00/net.
  5. Application per unit for LOGO/TEXT is $14.00/net (1 letter to 500 letters). This charge applies only to pewter or sterling which is engraved with a LOGO/CREST/SEAL.
  6. MONOGRAMS: $6.00 (Min. 3 letters)

    Old English – 3 Letters
    Circle Monogram – 3 Letters
    Script Interlocking Monogram – 3 Letters
    Roman Monogram – 3 Letters

    ENGRAVING TEXT per line - $12.00

  7. Facsimile Signatures – Signatures must be written THREE times on clean white paper with a FINE BLUE POINT INKPEN. Per signature charge is $35.00/net. NO FAXES will be accepted for any signature. If any graphics need to be re-worked from submitted originals, a surcharge of $75.00/net per signature will apply (Machine Engraving). Call for Price on Hand Engraving Signatures.
  8. RUSH ORDERS: For any order submitted to Boardman Silversmiths that is needed in less than 24-hours, a net surcharge of $50.00 will be added to the order. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. Delivery Terms: Based upon purchase order and confirmation of order, production/engraving will be approximately 1-5 days. Large units ordered whereby production is necessary and/or custom orders will be 3-4 weeks. Order/Engraving/Delivery is confirmed to client in writing before any production/engraving commences.
  10. Custom Orders: On all custom engraved orders, fifty percent (50%) deposit is required. New accounts, first orders paid in full.
  11. Paper proofs of ALL engraving are submitted to client for final approval. NO ENGRAVING is initiated without client sign-off.
  12. Final Engraving size and layout is at the engraver's discretion at time of engraving.


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