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Why Choose Boardman Silversmiths...

Boardman uses only the finest and the heaviest LEAD-FREE PEWTER in the industry.


It is an alloy of 92% pure tin, 7% pure antimony, and 1% copper. Only costly lead-free solder is used, eliminating any possibility of food or beverage contamination.

Boardman spinners leverage up to 900 pounds of pressure per square inch to create the precise curves and contours required.

All Boardman pewter is hand polished by craftsmen using imported pumice, and hand buffed to a flawless bright or satin finish.

Of key importance, Boardman pewter DOES NOT TARNISH so it DOES NOT NEED POLISHING. Its easy care is perfect for today's lifestyles, yet it looks so much like sterling silver.

Highly Skilled Craftsmen


From the experienced touch of superb master craftsmen, each piece of Boardman Silver and Pewter emerges as an individual work of art. The process begins when blanking presses cut geometric shapes from sheets of the finest sterling .925 parts of fine silver and the finest and heaviest lead free pewter used in the industry.

The full potential of this exceptional sterling and pewter is realized once in the hands of Boardman craftsmen. Using the tools they made years ago during long apprenticeships, Boardman spinners leverage up to 900 pounds per square inch into precise curves and contours. Specially designed "sectional chucks" enable them to create a wide range of shapes on their spinning lathes.

With a steady freehand touch, Boardman's Silversmiths and Pewtersmiths then solder on solid and hollow fittings. Artisans create the solid fittings by centrifugal casting; hollow fittings are hand-formed in bronze using slush casting techniques dating back to the 17th century. Finally, craftsmen hand polish all pieces with imported pumice and hand buff them to a flawless bright or satin finish, whether it is Sterling or Pewter.


Unmatched Versatility


Because Boardman has retained and expanded its workforce of craftsmen at a time when other companies have come to rely on automation, it is now an unmatched resource in the area of customization and special production. Using a variety of techniques, including hand or machine engraving, acid or photo etching, dies and molds, Boardman can customize any item to a client's particular needs. They can also craft a unique, one-of-a-kind item for a presentation or to commemorate a special event.

If it needs to be made in sterling silver or pewter, Boardman Silversmiths is the manufacturer to do it!

Every Boardman piece created is distinctive, unique - yet perfectly matched with all others of its kind due to each craftsman's unerring eye and touch


Unmatched Quality, Handcrafted Solid Unweighted Sterling Silver &  Lead Free Pewter 

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Hallmark of Quality

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